LR Data’s Network Performance Enforcement (NPE) is a combination of software and hardware that deliver cutting-edge real time network visibility, analytics and control capabilities. It functions as a Customer-Premise Equipment (CPE) which helps address network and compliance issues and requirements such as geolocation monitoring, proper geofencing, congestion due to abusive users, application drops, inconsistent user experience, difficulty in identifying and mitigating network performance issues, inaccurate SLA enforcement, inability to implement fair usage and many more.


1. Intelligent Auto Flow Control

2. Super-tuple Classification

3. 100% Visibility and Analytics in Real-time

4. Auto Abusive User Control

- Auto abusive user control with selective flow processing
- Fair use host equalization
- Bandwidth optimization and management
- Advanced identification & classification - L7 DPI
- Application/Geolocation/Host Reputation databases
- Real-time policy enforcement
- Security augmentation
- Network data source for “Big Data” systems
- Programmatic REST API

5. Active Flow Recording

7. All-In-One Software Solution